Everyone has the potential to sense and perceive the spirit world and receive evidence that those we love who have left their Earthly bodies carry on in the spiritual realm.

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In this program, you will learn the fundamentals of Mediumship and how to activate your relationship with the Other Side. We can use this work to deeply heal ourselves and others through the development of connecting with Departed Loved Ones.

Whether you would like to do this work for personal use or for others, this program will help you understand the fundamentals of how to connect with Spirit in a safe and supportive environment.

When you can tap into the energetic frequency of the Other Side, your world will be blown wide open with new understandings and perspectives. Unfortunately, most of our world exists in a linear, logical space.

By connecting with the unseen realm we can shift into a softer, more all-knowing, receptive mind. During this program, we will learn how to navigate through this practice safely and how to overcome fear or doubt while doing so. We will discover our medium type and learn the unique ways in which we connect with Loved Ones.

There will be hands-on exercises and will conclude with a powerful meditation that will propel us further into our intuitive journey with confidence through the community. When you complete the program, you will have a deeper connection to your Loved Ones, Higher Self and the universe around us.

This Program is perfect for all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and is designed to give you a deep understanding on how to connect with Spirit and discarnate Loved Ones in a safe space. If you are interested in learning how to practice Mediumship for yourself and others, then this is the space for you.

Spirit communication can be one of the most healing and inspiring acts of love we can provide to another person, especially if they are in grief. It can also teach us more about who we are, and open us up to the amazing depths of our own eternal souls.

Spirit communication is a natural function of our consciousness (believe it or not!) and this program will demystify the mysterious and present the tools you need to help you become a bridge to Heaven. 

Join internationally renowned medium Jennie Michelle Salandra as she teaches you the tools of how to open up to the spirit world and deliver spirit messages. Whether you're a novice or an experienced practitioner, this class will teach you the nuts-and-bolts, the foundation, the "101s" of spirit communication through the art of mediumship.

Jennie Michelle has amazed audiences throughout the United States with her public demonstrations and private readings for nearly 10 years. She also hosts the world famous weekly livecast "Spirit Squad," where she connects with  and communicates with loved ones of her live audience.

In this amazing program you will learn:

  • The different styles and types of mediumship, the history of spiritualism, and what it has brought to humanity.
  • How to genuinely feel the presence of those in spirit.
  • Learn the techniques to “blend” with someone’s departed loved one to initiate communication.
  • Discover how to “decode” a message from a spirit communicator.
  • How to professionally structure a reading for maximum results.
  • How to navigate the challenges and pitfalls that inevitably happen within readings.
  • And give actual readings!

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